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Junkai Xue

PhD Candidate
144 Hudson Hall, Box 90300
MEMS Department, Duke University
Durham, NC 27708-0300, USA
phone: (919) 660-5529
fax: (919) 660-8963

Publications within the Curtarolo Group 2009.

  • Y. Ni, H. Huang, C. Lu, J. Xue , Z. Xu, Surface characteristics and hemocompatibility of modified NiTi alloy intravascular stents, Materials Science Forum, 610-613, 1082-1089(2009) []

  • J. Li, Y. Ni, Y. Zhang, C. Lu, J. Xue ,Z. Xu, Synthesis and Fluorescence Properties of doping complexes Sm_(1-x)M_x(TTA)_3phen as Light Conversion Agent, Acta Photonica Sinica, 38, 2348-2352(2009) []